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Dr. Ashley Lucas and the ladies @ PHD; This letter is long overdue! I was recently on your website and I found my photos in your testimonials section. While a picture is often worth a 1,000 words, they often don't
tell the whole story and I wanted to add some words to express my gratitude for the impact this program has had on my life.

I am deeply grateful for the skills, coaching, encouragement and results I experienced as a client of the PHD program. I lost 50 pounds in 16 weeks. I have been in maintenance now for close to 3 months and have lost a few more pounds. When we (I did the program with my wife) started the program, I had unsuccessfully tried a variety tactics to lose the pounds that naturally come with age.

The PHD program is straightforward. Once you begin to understand the way your body, hormones and diet interact, you can begin to make positive choices. Dr. Lucas and her counselors (Jade, Samantha and Jackie) help you work through the physical and emotional reasons around why we eat the way we do. They equip you to make better decisions and once the scale begins to move, it is only a matter of time and discipline before you see your goal weight on the scale.

Beyond my simple "before" and "after" pictures which you have posted, I am building a catalogue of memories and photos like these. I am grateful for each of these memories. The first is with my daughter taken on
a week long backpacking trip on the Continental Divide in Montana in July. 

This second one was taken with my son on a day trip to Ice Lakes in early September.

If you are longing for this kind of success, I can tell you it's real and lasting. Life is short, what are you waiting for?
I want to tell you about my journey with PHD Advanced Nutrition in hopes that it can help someone else. I started my weight gain August 1, 2000, at which time I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a scary time for me and my family. I went through surgery, the radiation treatments and then the final step was to take tamoxifen for 5 years. I was told by the doctors that it could cause weight gain but it was an effective drug and important that I take it so the cancer would not come back. I chose to take the drug and am glad for my decision but the weight gain started that first year. I am now cancer free for 17 years (which I count my blessings every day for) and found my body carrying 50lb too much weight. My knees hurt, to the point that I made an appointment to have knee surgery. My back hurt, I had trouble bending, all in all I was in ready bad shape. The knee doctor was so busy that I couldn’t get in to see him for several months, so while I was waiting to get in, someone very close to me, whom I had not see for a while, told me they had been going to PHD Advanced Nutrition with Ashley. I could see the amazing results by looking at them, they had lost 80lbs. I did not want to join a weight loss program that helped you lose weight only to gain it back in several months. I wanted a program that would educate me on nutrition, what food does to the body, what is good for you, what is not, explains why. I needed to be educated on nutrition. I made an appointment the next day and went in, talked to my husband that night after my appointment and told him about the meeting with Ashley. I told my husband it was expensive and his answer was, “What is your health worth?”. I went back in the next day and joined. PHD Advanced Nutrition has done this for me: it has given me the support, the knowledge and willpower to get the pounds off so I can live a healthy, productive life. I no longer need knee surgery! My knees are great! It was a 5 month long process. I say long, but look how many years it took me to gain the weight! I would not have made it through without them working with me each week with meditation, information, weighing in and personal counseling. Ashley has the knowledge, experience and the understanding of nutrition that enables you to have success and confidence so you can live the rest of your life healthy. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life to take care of me! Bonus, I look so much better!
I went to PHD Advanced Nutrition with the intention of getting out of pain after a car accident.   I wasn’t as concerned about my weight, as I was my pain level.  Now 74 lbs later… (WAHOO!)  My pain level has reduced about 40%, which for me is huge.  Ashley and her staff are amazing.  They are kind, sensitive, caring and will work with you, whatever it takes, to help you to achieve your goals.  I loved that Ashley never asked me about my weight loss, but always about how my pain level was.  That told me, she *listened*. I went from a size 16-18-2x to a 6-8-medium, releasing 74 lbs.  I am thrilled.  And as my daughter quips, “I am never going back to double digits!” (size 10 or above). I highly recommend PHD Advanced Nutrition for anyone seeking weight loss. Thank you Ashley!

I had let my weight creep up 15 pounds the last ten years. I’d lose a few pounds and put it right back on. The program was not difficult for me. I enjoyed my weekly appointments as the entire staff is great. The food provided was satisfying and tasted good. Dr. Porter’s creative visualization relaxation massages were very helpful and encouraging. The whole program has given me the tools and commitment to keep the weight off and live as a ‘naturally thin’ person the rest of my life!


I was at a crossroads in my health.    I was suffering from foot and knee pain to the point I couldn’t walk without limping.  My dreams of trekking somewhere fantastic and skiing with my grand twins were fading.  The doctors said I had inflammation and needed to avoid sugar, RIGHT!  I am a sugar addict and was unable to comply with the suggestion.  I saw my friend and commented on her weight loss.  She told me about PHD and she shared that her pain had subsided after 3 weeks on the program.  I made the phone call.   I’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds for 20 years!  Dr. Lucas and her excellent staff made it possible and fun.  I appreciate the precise plan, the eating out guide, recipes, product ideas and the weekly educational tools that have helped me change my mind as well as my body for the long term.  One of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the “aftercare.”  Dr. Lucas encourages me to weigh in every couple of weeks.  Sometimes I find myself slipping back into old habits, like eating chocolate!  Instead of feeling shame and going into denial, I go in and pay the $20 facility use fee.  I redirect back to my good habits when I listen to tapes, use the plate, get “a pep talk” from staff and soak up motivation just from being in the PHD environment.  I want to be thin and healthy for life. PHD is there to support me after I have achieved success. Thank you PHD for giving me my health and my dreams back!

I approached PHD Advanced Nutrition with the goal of finally losing the last 25 pounds that I needed to lose to reach a normal BMI. I know as I aged that my knees and lungs shouldn’t have to work so much extra. My last pulmonary study showed what I know- that my FEV1 (lung expenditure) had increased by 10%. My swimming and hiking are much more effortless. My body is grateful, as is my spirit to no longer lug around excess weight.
Here’s what you need to know. This program works! I lost over 50 pounds in about six months. No onerous exercise component. Just good health food in quantities that kept me satisfied. Cream in my coffee. Butter on my tasty roasted veggies. Delicious steak and chicken. What’s not to love about this new way to eat and think about food? Some of the food products, like the outstanding protein pancakes and the scrumptious protein bars, will remain a part of my future. PHD Advanced Nutrition’s staff is so supportive and responsive if you have a question! The weekly material is very helpful. Now that I’m at my goal weight, the transition material is essential. Learning how to adjust my food to stay at my optimal weight is a challenge. But with PHD Advanced Nutrition’s lifetime weekly weigh-in, I know I’m going to be successful. Thank you, Dr. Lucas and your wonderful staff!
And what a journey it’s been! It started with a doctor’s visit who gave me a choice between meds or nutrition. So… I met Ashley! The not-so-good news; discipline, cost, structure, limited foods, & social life. Boy, oh, boy was the good news worth it: cholesterol from 244 to 170, cardiac risk from 6.3 to 4.4, obesity from 47.5 to 12.7, bra size from 44DDD to 32D (cheap and easy breast reduction, ladies!!) loss of 50 pounds, and now to Vegas to wear my size 8 dresses! And in Durango… ski again, hike, swim, and enjoy life!

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