Reduce body fat and improve body composition

 Establish new lifestyle behaviors that ensure long lasting results

PHD Advanced Nutrition offers an integrative and intensive approach to weight loss unique from other programs.  The protocol, developed by Dr. Lucas, places focus not only on optimal nutrition for each individual, but also on the mind and body as a whole.   The PHD Weight Management Program will provide you with all the vital tools needed to put your specified plan into action and allows the PHD Team to monitor your progress along the way.  Upon your initial consultation, the duration and cost of your individualized program will be determined which is based upon your current health status, amount of body fat needed to lose, and body composition analysis.

Details and Rates for Nutrition Consultations:

Local, in-person consultations will be conducted in the office located at 904 East 20th Street, Suite A, in Farmington, NM.  Distance consultations may be conducted by phone or via an internet video medium.  During your initial session, information on your health history, dietary habits, and lifestyle behaviors will be collected.  Your body composition will also be analyzed; you will learn your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass percentage, and much more. Through your initial consultation with our certified PHD consultants, your health goals will be prioritized, and you will be  provided with our recommendations for the duration of your individualized program. Your lifestyle, emotional and physical needs, as well as your food preferences will be explored so that a plan can be devised specifically for you.  Your goal weight, activity level, and other anthropometric values will be utilized to determine your daily nutrition requirements.

Understanding how to eat along with changing habits and behaviors is the key to success, therefore you will learn about how food works in the body, when and what to eat and why, how to scrutinize food labels and ingredient labels, grocery shopping tips, recipes, and much more.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also incorporated into the program to ensure that behaviors and weight loss results are for the long term.

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If you are a local client, payment via cash, check, or credit card is accepted.

For distance clients, please pay at your earliest convenience, but at least 2 days prior to your date of consult to avoid delay of your meeting.

Each client will be provided with an invoice for the service chosen. You may submit this to your insurance provider for potential reimbursement.

Please note the 24-hr cancellation policy: Contact the office at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment. Late cancellations will be charged a $30 “no show” fee and unattended appointments will be billed as scheduled.

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