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Dr. Lucas received her PhD in Nutrition in Sport and Disease from Virginia Polytechnic Institute.  Her research throughout her six year post-graduate doctoral training, focused on energy metabolism and the Female Athlete Triad.  In 2012, she was awarded the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Scholarship and completed her one year dietetic internship at The Ohio State University.  She passed the national examination registering her as a dietitian offering expert food and nutrition services.

PHD Advanced Nutrition Weight Loss Testimonial

From her own athletic background, Dr. Lucas began her career in sports nutrition working with athletes nationwide in optimizing performance and body composition, but quickly found a passion in nutrition for obesity related issues.  Referencing studies dated from the 1800’s that successfully treated the (then rare) cases of obesity, without medications, fad-dieting, severe caloric restrictions, or chronic levels of exercise, she developed a new protocol for individuals battling the continuous weight gain of today’s society.  Her scientific approach focuses not only on the metabolic consequences of fat gain, but also on the behavioral and psychological aspects.  The PHD approach to achieving optimal weight is truly life changing, and one that is helping people across the country achieve their peak wellness once and for all.

Currently, Dr. Lucas provides nutrition consulting nationwide as well as locally in Durango, Colorado. Her area of expertise lies in weight management, sports nutrition, and post-operative nutrition. Dr. Lucas works with adolescents and adults.

Prior to her family’s move to Durango, Colorado, Dr. Lucas was a lecturer at The Ohio State University. She also taught both ballet and nutrition to dancers across the state of Ohio and was the consulting nutritionist for the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center. In addition, she developed and implemented nutrition education programs for adults at YMCAs as well as multiple nutrition courses for pre-professional athletes. Classes she has instructed include, but aren’t limited to: injury prevention and body composition for athletes, nutrition principles concerning the macro and micronutrients, nutrient timing and hydration, and carbohydrate metabolism and insulin resistance.


During her time at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Lucas taught Exercise and Weight Control courses and was a graduate research assistant in the Laboratory for Eating Behaviors and Weight Management. She was honored with the Sebolt Award in both 2008 and 2009 for Excellence in Teaching Wellness and Physical Activity. She was also granted the Graduate Research and Development Program Award to help fund her research. She won first place in the Student Research Poster competition in Sports Nutrition in the 2008 SCAN Symposium. And in 2011, she won the Student Research Award and presented her work (The Development and Evaluation of an Education Program for Pre-Professional Adolescent Ballet Dancers) at the annual conference for the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. Her research is published in the Journal of Dance Medicine and Science, and she has other publications in Today’s Dietitian, SCAN’s Pulse, livestrong.com, and mdhealthguide.com. She is a member of IADMS, ADA, and CPSDA. Please feel free to read the abstracts of her manuscripts from the links below:

More About Dr. Ashley Lucas

Prior to Dr. Lucas’s professional career in the field of nutrition, she began her training in classical ballet in Washington State. She graduated high school from the HARID conservatory, a professional training school for gifted young dancers, in Boca Raton, Florida. She completed her BFA in ballet performance at the University of Utah and danced professionally with the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and later, The Richmond Ballet. She is married to Dr. Doug Lucas, fellowship-trained foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon at Mercy Associates in Durango, CO; together they have two young children. She and her husband are avid cyclists and her family enjoys many other outdoor activities.

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